• Tasha Carattini

What's an Invitation Suite?

Planning a wedding is an exciting time that marks the passing to a new phase in life, but most times you are thrust into this world you know little about with a language that can be a bit overwhelming...believe me, I know, I was there too!

Today I wanted to take a moment to dive into what an invitation suite is. If you have come this far, I am sure you have heard that phrase used a lot and may be wondering: what's included?

In the simplest forms your suite should include the main invitation, a details card, and an RSVP card with a stamped envelope.

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The main invitation is your guests first glimpse at your wedding day, with this they will know who is getting married, who is hosting, as well as the date, location, and time of the ceremony.

On the details card your guests will have more information and this depends entirely on what's important to you. It could include details on reception, hotel accommodations, attire, your wedding website, or anything else that you would like to convey ahead of time. I always recommend including a few details on timing and having a website you can reference where your guests can get more information about the celebration to come, this insures a clean and concise look without the card being over cluttered with everything they need to know.

Finally the RSVP card, this is possibly the most important part because with your RSVPs you will place orders with all your other vendors and manage your budget. Here you will set a deadline for response, leave a space to include who is going to be in attendance, and if needed allow for the selection of entree. The envelope that is included should be addressed to you and be pre stamped to make it easier on your guests.

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Of course every celebration is different and this can be customized further by adding additional elements that make it more personal or informative. Some more popular choices are a wedding weekend schedule or custom map.

The important thing to remember is this is your wedding, your love story, and your invitation to the rest of your have fun with it, make it personal, and the rest is easy!



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