Possibilities are only limited by your imagination

I've always been an artist and that has been expressed with different mediums throughout the years–photography, culinary arts, painting, writing, and many more.

One thing has always remained constant and that is that creating is my bliss! Seeing something in my mind and then turning it into something tangible...nothing can top that!

Tasha Carattini
Owner & Creative Genius

Do you know Tinta?

In early 2017 I started creating hand lettered signage for weddings and galas. Each event I collaborated on fed my new found passion, and Tinta + Pulso was born!

Pause for a quick Spanish vocal lesson:



1. Ink + A steady hand

...and now back to our regularly scheduled program:

When I am creating my clients dream design I start by getting to know them; I draw inspiration from many different aspects of their lives to make a design that is as unique as their journey up until this point.

I love when my clients trust me and let me run a little wild–this gives me the freedom to explore new mediums and create the perfect finished look. From hand painted invitations on fabric to custom watercolor design, I will venture as far out of the box as they let me!